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The thought of my passion makes my face light up; as it should! | Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined! ☺️ #WednesdayWisdom
Your dream job doesn’t exist. You must create it. - Always growing. Never complacent.
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not your daddy’s Manhattan 🍸 (at STK Downtown)
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Strawberry Skies. #Brooklyn
The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. On this coexisting International Day Of Happiness and First Day of Spring, let’s also recognize the need for GROWTH; both worldly and as individuals while striving to sustain development and the eradication of all things that do not contribute to the wellness and happiness of people. Let’s BLOOM in HAPPINESS, today and always! 😃🌻🌸🌍 #InternationalDayOfHappiness #FirstDayOfSpring #VernalEquinox
The [details] create the big picture. 🎨
This is a documentary about Tim Jenison, a 21st Century Inventor who delves into the 17th century artwork by Painter, Johannes Vermeer. By using a 1980’s gadget, along with the help of math & science he was able to crack Vermeer’s secrets of production and recreate a Vermeer masterpiece. This documentary truly exemplifies Art, Technology and the intersection thereof. This is proof that sometimes an obsessive nature with a goal in mind, really does breed greatness! #TimsVermeer #APennAndTellerProduction #IndieFilm #ArtLover #NerdsAreCool #MondayMotivation (at City Cinemas Village East)